iSeries 570
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IBM i Series Power5 9406 570, 7495 / 0921


         IBM 9117 TOWER

IBM i5 9406 Model 570- 7495 / 0921

Tier P30,   6350-12000 CPW, 2-4 Way




i5 iSeries Model 570 - P30, 6350-12000 CPW, 2-4 Way


The IBM i5 9406 model 570 with 7470-0920 has a IBM i 1.65GHz POWER5 2/4-Way processor, ranging from 6,350-12,000 CPW. This 9406-570 provides a maximum of 512 GB of memory, 1.9 MB of L2 cache per CPW, 36 MB L3 cache per CPU and 96 TB of disk storage and has on demand processor capabilities.


The IBM model 570 processor is housed in a four EIA-unit rack-optimized processor enclosure. Each enclosure holds up to four processors (two 0/2-way processor features). An enclosure has:

Sixteen memory slots (eight slots if a 1/2-way)
Six PCI-X slots
Six disk slots (three enabled with an optional cache feature)
Two slots for slimline DVD drives
An integrated controller for the enclosures disk and DVD slots
An slot to add an optional card for CEC disk write cache and RAID-5 capability
An integrated 1 Gps/100 Mbps/ 10 Mbps Ethernet LAN adapter with two ports
Two HSL-2/RIO-G ports for one HSL/RIO loop
A slot to add another HSL-2/RIO-g adapter for a second loop
Two SPCN ports
Two serial ports
Two HMC ports
Two USB ports





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