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IBM 3477 Infowindow Monochrome


IBM 3477 Infowindow 

 Monochrome / Dual Session



IBM 3477-FG / FA  and HG /HA Monochrome Infowindow Terminal


The InfoWindow* 3477 Workstation is compatible with the IBM 3197 Display Station and offers high-quality, superior ergonomics and functions that include PC printer support with host-directed printing, local print with trim, Dual Address Terminal capability, Extended Character Buffer, Record/Play/Pause, menu directed Setup Mode, and Barcode/Magnetic Stripe Reader capability

InfoWindow* 3477 offers a choice of a 14-inch monitor or one of the three flat, low glare, smudge-resistant 15-inch monochrome monitors: green, amber-gold, or white (black on white). The IBM 3477-HCX 14-inch monitor has an actual viewable screen size of 11.4 inches when measured diagonally. The IBM 3477-HDX 15-inch monitor has an actual viewable screen size of 12.8 inches when measured diagonally. InfoWindow* 3477 has three screen capabilities: 1920, 3564, or 1920/1440 split screen format. Choice of keyboards is also provided.


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