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IBM 4224 Matrix Printer

IBM 4224

200 – 600cps



IBM 4224 Matrix Printer

The IBM 4224 Impact Matrix Printer family offers high speed, exceptional reliability and rugged durability that make it the right choice for the most demanding print environments and applications. With print speeds of up to 600 characters per second (cps), depending on the model, and superb reliability, the IBM 4224 printers outperform other impact printers. With auto-forms load, innovative forms handling features, customizable operator panel and menu selections, IBM 4224 printers will improve productivity and virtually eliminate user frustration, paper jamming and costly paper loss. The customizable operator panel option allows you to easily lock out specific buttons or make them active again depending on your specific environment. The IBM 4224 offers robust benefits and productivity features in a small package. For example, custom setup profiles allow users to store and retrieve as many as four different menus of printer setup values. This means users can switch instantly from one application to another, thereby improving user productivity and eliminating adjustment errors. In addition, the IBM 4224 prints a wide range of applications by offering four print speeds and quality modes. The fast draft quality provides high speed for large print jobs. The near letter quality (NLQ) mode provides clean, crisp correspondence for word processing applications. Full all-points-addressable graphics capability exists for applications such as bar codes, bar charts and pie charts, scanned logos, forms designs and CAD/CAM drawings.


Replaced by 4230, 4247, Dascom 4347 (oldest to newest)






Printer Speed 200 /  100  /   50     cps Models IBM 4224-xx1
Characters per Second
400 /  200  / 100   cps Models IBM 4224-xx2
Draft /DP/ DP Text/ NQL 600 /  300  / 150   cps Models IBM 4224-xx3
Character Pitch Characters per inch for models: 10, 12, 15, 16.7, 17.1, 20
Line Spacing Lines per inch for IBM 4224 models: 3, 4, 6, 8 lines, or as selected by host
Emulations Standard:
 5250TN, 3270CXIBM ProPrinter ll, III XL, Epson FX-1050
  Optional:   IPDS
Systems Attachment AS/400 Attachment: 
 —AS/400 via ASCII Workstation Controller or PC Workstation
     —348x, 3477, and 3197 AS/400 Display Stations
     —Optional 1, 2, or 3 bin auto-sheet feeder
   RISC /6000 Attachment:  —Direct attach to RISC System/6000 or via workstation
   S/390 Attachment  — IBM 3174 via the Asynchronous Emulation Adapter
     — IBM 3482 InfoWindow II Display Station
     — PC workstation
  PC Attachment  IBM Personal System/2 and compatibles
  Lan Attachment  Ethernet and Token-Ring via a PC or IBM 4033 Lan Adpt.
Interface  Serial – RS-232 and RS-422A
   Parallel – IEEE-1284/Centronics
Power Wattage All models except        40 Watts / Max 90 watts
Power Voltage Line Auto Ranging 100-120 VAC, 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (+/-10%) 
Operating Temp Environmental Operating Temperature 50° to 104° F, 10° to 40° C
Print Width  13.6”  
Media Types Forms
Thickness: Up to .64mm thickness or  
    max weight of 163 g/m2
  Length:   3” to 14”
  Width:  3” to 15”
Copies: Carbon Multipart  4 copies
  Carbonless Multipart  6 copies
Environmental 53 dBA      
  Acoustic Noise (dBA)      
  (per ISO 7779)       
Dimensions IBM 4224
Height 13” (mm)  
Width 26” (660mm)     
Depth 15” (mm)     
Printer Weight
45 lbs. (kg)  
Shipping Weight 70 lbs. (kg)  
Ribbons:  High Yield Ribbon approx 9 Million Character
  Part no.  1040440



We also carry features and spare parts for this unit,  in Stock for Immediate Shipment. 

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