iSeries P7 8202
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IBM i Series Power7 8202 E4B Processor- 6 Core


IBM i7 8202 Model E4B 

Tier P10,  - 33,050 CPW, 6 Core



IBM i Series Model 8202-E4B, 5900 - 33050 CPW, 6-Core, P10, 8351


IIBM i Series Processor (#8351):  5900-33050 CPW, 3.0 GHz, Power7 6-Core Processor with 16 MB of L2/L3 Cache
SW Tier:  P10 for 6-Core
iSeries Memory:  16 GB to 128 GB (DIMMs must be installed in pairs), and can be optionally expanded with a Memory Riser
iSeries Disk Drives:  Minimum of 2 Disc Drives with 8 slots in system unit (Note: up to 380 HDDs or 268 SSDs with I/O Drawers)
Partitions:  80 is the maximum

Other integrated features include:     

Other integrated features include:
     One GX++ slot for 12X I/O loop or 4X connections
     Service Processor
     Integrated SAS/SATA controller for disk/SSD/DVD in system unit
     EnergyScale technology
     Two system ports and three USB ports
     Two hardware management console (HMC) ports and two SPCN ports
     Redundant and hot-swap power
     Redundant and hot-swap cooling
     One Power supply, 1725 Watt AC, Hot-swap (Note: Optional/additional power supply available for redundant power and lower acoustic levels)OS:  When you purchase an IBM Edition, you can purchase an AIX, IBM i, or Linux operating system license, or you may choose to purchase the system with no operating system. The AIX, IBM i, or Linux operating system is processed via a feature number on AIX 5.3, 6.1, or 7.1; IBM i 6.1.1 or IBM i 7.1; and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. If you choose AIX 5.3, 6.1, or 7.1 for your primary operating system, you can also order IBM i 6.1.1 or IBM i 7.1 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The converse is true if you choose an IBM i or Linux subscription as your primary operating system.

Please send us your requirements, so we can configure and quote your system. If MES Upgrade, also provide serial number of current system.



We Have all Memory, DASD, Features and spare parts for this unit,  in Stock for Immediate Shipment. 

Call one of our iSeries Specialist  for a  price and help with a configuration.




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