iSeries P7 8205
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IBM i Series Power7 8205 E6B Processor 3.7 GHz - 8 Core


IBM i7 8205 Model EB6 

Tier P20,  - 52200 CPW, 8 Core



IBM i Series 8205-E6B, Model 740, 8-Core, 3.7 GHz, 52200 CPW


IBM i Series 8-Core, 3.7 GHz Power7 Processor (#8347 X 2): 52200 CPW, P20 SW Tier
Memory: 8-256 GB of 1066 MHz DDR3 RDIMM (8 slots in system, 24 slots via memory riser)
L3 cache: 4 MB (per core)
L2 cache: 256 KB (per core)
Disk Space: 2.4 TB of internal disk space via 8 (SSD) arms

Other integrated features include:     

PCI Slots: 4 PCI Express 8x and optional 4 PCI Express Low Profile

Partitions: 1 LPAR per core without a optional PowerVM feature. If a PowerVM feature is installed, a maximum of 10 dynamic LPARs for each physical processor.

Expansion: Up to four optional PCIe I/O drawers for up to 40 PCIe slots, or up to eight optional PCI-X I/O drawers for 48 PCI-X slots

OS Support: IBM i, AIX and Linux for POWER
Integrated SAS/SATA controller for disk/SSD/DVD Choice of three Host Ethernet Adapter (HEA) daughter cards:
   Quad-port RJ45 1 Gb HEA (Copper)
   Dual-port SFP+ 10 Gb HEA (Fiber SR)
   Dual-port SFP+ 10 Gb HEA (Copper TwinAx)Two media bays:
   One slim bay for an optional DVD-RAM
   One half-high bay for an optional tape drive or removable diskA maximum of four PCIe x8 slots in base configuration:
    Optional PCIe Riser Card that provides an additional four additional PCIe x8 Low Profile slots
   Two GX++ slots for I/O loops available unless the PCIe Riser Card is installed in the systemIntegrated:
   Service Processor
   EnergyScale technology
   Three USB ports
   Two system ports
   Two HMC ports
   Two SPCN portsRedundant and hot-swap powerRedundant and hot-swap cooling





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