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Tally Dascom 1125 Matrix Printer


Up to 375 cps


The Tally Dascom 1125 is a 24 pin, 80 column serial dot matrix printer with USB, parallel and serial interfaces as standard. Compact in size, the 1125 is perfect for industrial environments and front and back office applications where space is limited.

With low running costs, high quality output and an easy to use control panel it's ideal for small business, low volume listings and reports, as well as dispatch notes and labels.

In addition to these applications, the 1125 is also well suited to measurement and control systems.

Amongst the lowest priced matrix printers available today the 1125 also offers a long life ribbon giving this printer very low running costs.

For draft printing its considerably less expensive running costs make it a viable alternative to low cost inkjet.


• 24 pin print head
• Print Speeds (up to 375 cps)
• Up to 5 part forms (Original + 4)
• Auto switching USB, parallel and serial interface



Print Speed

10 cpi: 375cps (HSD), 250 cps (Draft), 83 cps (LQ) 
12 cpi: 300 cps (Draft), 100 cps (LQ), 20 cpi: 500cps (HSD), 500cps (Draft), 166cps (LQ)

Print Method

Serial Impact Dot Matrix


Up to 360 x 360 dpi

Throughput (ECMA 132)

295 pages per hour

Character Density

10, 12, 15, 17.1, 20cpi, Proportional Spacing

Line Density

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 lpi

Printhead Life

400 Million Strokes per pin


68 Kb

Standard Connectivity

USB 2.0, parallel (Bi-directional) and Serial RS232

Standard Emulation

Epson LQ (ESC P/2), IBM ProPrinter (2390 Plus)


Draft, Courier, Roman, Sans Serif, Prestige, Script, Orator, Gothic, Souvenir, OCR-A/B*, 10 Barcodes


Black Ribbon: 7 million characters

Standard Paper Handling

Push tractor and single sheet tray

Paper Type

Continuous forms, cut sheet

Number of Copies

Original +4 (5-part forms)

Paper Weight

52-100 gsm

Paper Size

3“ to 10“ wide

Physical Weight

Approximately 11lbs

Physical Size

(HxWxD): 6.2“x14.1“x11.5“

Power Voltage

230 V

Power Frequency

50Hz to 60Hz

Power Consumption

max 3.8W in Standby

Reliability MTBF

10,000 hours


Windows 2000, 2003 Server, XP, Vista, Windows 7


+5°C to +40°C


10% to 80% (not condensing)


< 51dB(A) (ISO 7779)


1 year warranty return to depot


For OCR applications it is recommended that your readers are tested with print samples supplied by DASCOM prior to purchase. Paper is a highly variable medium and should be tested prior to purchase. The quoted consumable life is the average for the printer when used under normal operation conditions.


We also Sell Ribbons and Parts for All Tally and Tally Dascom Printers

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